“We love what we do, how we do it and the people involved in our project”

il Quercetano

The "il Quercetano" agricultural company was born in 2020, with the idea of safeguarding the olive biodiversity of our territory and producing a superior quality extra virgin olive oil rich in flavors and aromas.

The business logic is based on the recovery of the Quercetano olive groves, now abandoned, restoring value to the landscape. The "il Quercetano" company is part of the new community linked to the protection and enhancement of this ancient identity variety that characterizes upper Versilia. From 2021 it became part of the slow food publisher's guide to extra virgin olive oils.

Our oil is born in the Versilia hinterland which surrounds an ancient landscape, protected by the Apuan Alps and caressed by the north wind and sea breezes. Here are the centuries-old olive groves of the Querceta plain.

Our Oil

Superior quality and richness of flavors and aromas.

The Territory and the Variety

The farm manages about 4 hectares of olive groves, 2 of which are of the Quercetano variety with about 700 olive trees. Most are secular. The olive groves are located in the hinterland of an ancient landscape, protected by the mountains and caressed by the north wind and sea breezes. The area is mostly flat and characterized by a mild climate.


From the beginning of October, when the olives reach veraison (i.e. the beginning of ripeness marked by the change in color), until the second half of November, the olives are harvested by hand and with facilitators by dropping the olives on stretched nets to the ground. Immediately after, the olives are harvested manually in perforated plastic crates.


The ground is grassy and is constantly mowed. The residues of wild herbs are left in the field to enrich the soil with organic matter and limit the loss of water from the soil. Emergency irrigation is practiced and, for the control of diseases and parasites, no synthetic chemicals have been used.

The Processing

It takes place within 12 hours of harvesting in the continuous cycle and two-phase oil mill in Massarosa, about 15 kilometers from the company's olive groves. The two-phase processing consists in not adding water in the separation phase between the oil and the olive paste, obtaining an oil rich in polyphenols (antioxidant).


"Il Quercetano" olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% Italian and of the highest quality. Produced exclusively from olives from our olive groves.